I created Scout Seas out of a life-long love of the ocean. I grew up sandy, salty and sunburnt on both hemispheres of the world and now live in rural & coastal Albany, Western Australia where I enjoy the outdoor, rugged lifestyle with my small family.

My dad was a charter fishing captain on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts and I’m very lucky that we share this passion of outdoor adventure and fast-and-loose exploration. We head out for a deep-sea fish in a boat with multiple leaks, no reception, often without lunch, water or sunscreen (to the horror of my mum) and have the most incredible time surrounded and immersed in the ocean, amazed on the drive home the rusted trailer has lived to see another day.

I am constantly charmed by the reality that we all have these core-memories associated with ocean adventure with our families and our friends in places we’ll remember for years. In creating these pieces I’m inspired by the stories of others and how powerful our connection to coastlines all over the world can be. I began making these bathymetric maps to commemorate these journeys, and find pride in honouring the stories of others in this creative way.

I have a background in Architecture and Structural Engineering, and completed my Masters degree in Architecture at UWA in 2018. I’ve worked through Architecture projects in Residential, Mutli-Residential & Commercial throughout urban and rural Western Australia and honed technical skills in Structural Drafting with large mining and mine-wharf projects in the Pilbara.

These pieces combine the technical elements of Bathymetric Surveys, 3D modelling, CNC machining and contour-assembly with sentiment to connect us back with, and remind us of  our place and the memories they hold.